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Here are a number of applications I have completed over the years:

CT Pro:

Canadian Tire Pro, or CT Pro was our project for our second go at Conestoga’s annual 4×4 event.With Canadian Tire being a sponsor of the event we decided to do a project that involved them in some way. We eventually came up with Canadian Tire Pro, and web app that makes finding inventory of a product in a specific store a lot easier. You will be first greeted with a Help pop-up that explains the application to you. Once you close the pop-up you have access to a map that populates with Canadian Tire locations as the map is moved around. Once you have found the Canadian Tire you want to search in, you enter the product or product type, such as salt, in the search bar in the top right.

Once you have entered a product or product type click on the store you wish to search. This will bring down a pop-up that has a list of all items that are related to the product type you searched for, or the exact product if you entered a specific product. Included in this list is a picture of the product, the name of the product, the price, the 5 start rating if any ratings have been applied and if the item is in stock or not. When you click on a item that is in stock you are shown more information about that item, including the size, quantity in that store, is the item on sale and can that item be purchased online. If that item has different variations of it, like different sizes of salt bags you are also given the option to view those different variations and the information on those variations.

Once you have determined if you wish to purchase that product, you can click on the ‘Purchase’ button which shows you some information on purchasing the product and a button that is a direct link to that item in the Canadian Tire store. You also have the option in this section to see all related products to the one you have selected. An example of this would be seeing Chlorine Tester Strips after looking at Chlorine.


This app was developed during the 4×4 innovation challenge (where participants had to develop an app in 4 days). The application, and concept were so well received, that it won the competition, and one of the main sponsor of the competition (Desire2Learn) helped push the idea into the Desire2Learn Edge Challenge (where participants had to develop an app within 3 months to fit into their campusLife platform). Upon competition of the Edge Challenge, Desire2Learn awarded us the best use of Sybase database technologies, and 2nd best Blackberry app in the competition.

King’s Cup:

This application was built during my spare time over my final term of school. The application is built for Windows Phone 8. The app itself allows the user to view the rules for the classic drinking game King’s Cup, and view these rules based on the different cards within the game.


This program acts a scanning program. It can take in an image scanned in from a WIA scanning device, as well as a BMP file. From the image received, it can invert the colours, apply grayscale, vary the level of grayscale, and print the image. In terms of printing the image, the program also allows for a customizable page type(layout, size, etc), as well as a print preview.It also allows for encoding of messages within the bitmap.


This application is used to facilitate the copying of not only row information, but also row structure, table structure, and key constraints from one SQL table to another (either on the same machine, or separate machines). It allows for copying of not only SQL Server tables, but also MySql, and Oracle based versions.

Owen Roberts International Airport Baggage Display:

This application was done during the exam period of my second year, first semester (sept-dec 2011), as well as the Christmas break. The application is currently used to help users become situated with their airport surroundings upon arrival, and direct them to their appropriate for luggage pickup.


This term long project was mainly designed to facilitate the learning of proper PM techniques (through a hybrid of not only SCRUM burndowns, but also traditional waterfall PM applications). The project itself was an employee management system that will be able to handle payroll for multiple types of employees. The original version featured a C# based console application, with a flat file for data storage. This was later reworked to feature a more robust User Interface in the form of a ASP.NET application, with a MySql Database for data storage.


This program was a basic application used to convert C based files into a c# counterpart (when applicable). This program handles not only variable manipulation, but also File I/O, and string manipulation (going from char* to string, etc).


This term long school project was designed to emulate the implementation and development of a Real Time Operating System. The original system was designed to emulate an operating system using the Motorola 68000, but using an Atari ST as the basis. The project featured a fully functioning bootstrap process, multitasking of applications via a Round Robin scheduling system, and supported a number of kernel level services, such as interrupts, traps, and relinquish.


This application consists of a chat program, written in command line C++, using a flat file as a database. It allows for multiple users to connect to one central server, and communicate with one another. The application was later converted to C#. During this conversion, a GUI was added for the client, and a SQL Server database was added to support better chat storage.

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